Our Story


It’s where you built the best summer fort.
Buried treasure.
It’s where you held your first epic house party.
Learned to ride your bike.
It’s in the pictures you took on the front porch, dressed for graduation.
And where you grew the family vegetable garden.
It’s where you packed your bags to leave,
Laid your head when you returned.
Assembled your first baby’s crib.
And celebrated someone’s life.


Over the last 30 years, we have come to know Strathcona County like our own backyard, navigating country, acreage, and farm life and residential streets and avenues with those clients who dream of continuing their story where township and range roads intersect, and one neighbourhood weaves into another. We are a family business, a mother and son team with wisdom and knowledge, youth and energy connecting our shared passion.

But keeping the promises of a handshake deal has never been about putting our names on a sign, our signatures on a paper. Sharing our expertise means knowing things about your property that you may not, navigating and distilling thousands of choices to find a home that fits your story.

In some cases, it is about facing unexpected challenge and pulling through. Cara Casey was part of our family. Her work ethic and belief of what was possible left a mark on us, made us better, and is forever a pillar of our business. When we lost her in early 2017, we were reminded to be mindful in this fragile and short life, and we have nothing but gratitude for the time we got with her. Now, more than ever, we are connected to why we do the work we do.


We are solid in our “why”. We hear our clients and help each one listen to their instincts. We are not afraid to be open and honest about what will sell and what won’t because we built our business on trust, transparency and being responsive; we know the right questions to ask and what our clients need to feel taken care of.

Offering an expert, diverse and accessible real estate resource is the Holubitsky Team goal. We have developed strong relationships with other realtors and land developers, and with businessmen and women in our community so that our clients extract all the information they need from a market they count on us to access.


No other real estate team out there has the platform we offer. We share decades of real estate knowledge in both urban and rural settings for clients who are moving to the country for the first time, staying rural, or moving to an urban setting. We get creative about how to gain exposure for your home, steering clear of blanket selling strategy—your story is not the same as your neighbour’s, your sister’s or your best friend’s.

Working with Team Holubitsky is about uncovering the life you desire. It is about digging deeper to find the place capable of holding your memories and housing what you value. Whether it is the city lights, proximity, and conversation you are after, or having courage to manage the land on which you live and define nature for yourself, we are your guide to the backroads that, on the darkest night, will lead you home.

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