Rural Roots #14: Going to the Auction Sale

To this day I love attending auction sales. I find myself reminiscing on the memories made when Dad and I would go as a kid. Different stores in town posted the auction bulletins and Dad always made sure to study each one as he was pretty selective of the sales he would attend. He always ensured the farmer hosting took great care of his equipment and property. He wasn’t into buying junk that would require time and money to fix. Dad was a man after quality and a deal.

For me it was all about watching the auctioneer. I was always in such awe of how anyone could talk that fast. I loved watching the interactions amongst neighbors all fighting to bid on the same item. Some walking away with hard feelings others laughing it off.  Farm auctions always had an element of hospitality to them; home made sandwiches and baking were always present. Farm Sales were a great meeting place for fellow farmers to visit and catch up on life.

Some days Dad and I walked away with the wanted item he came for other days nothing.  Most recently I took my 87 year old Father to a clients farm sale which he absolutely loved. He said it brought back memories of years gone by.