Rural Roots: # 12 Mom & Farming

Watching my parents farm, I learned early on you don’t place all your eggs in one basket when it comes to earning a living. My Dad and Mom were always resourceful ensuring income had many streams. My Dad, always being smart with his purchases bought a gravel truck. His thought was he could bring in an extra income by hauling gravel and it could serve a dual purpose as a grain truck at harvest.

Early on my Mom took on the role of truck driver, as Dad operated the combine and my Mom drove the truck alongside. I was quite impressed by how she handled this rig, being a small Gal, she was fearless with its operation. As the years went by she operated all the farm equipment being an extra hand if Dad needed the help.

She would always say the power of two is stronger than the power of one.
To this day they reminisce about their time on the farm even though the work was hard but, it was the best years of their lives.