Rural Roots 09: “Geraniums & Apple Pie”

Every Sunday we would go see my Baba Pearl, my Mother’s mom in Andrew. My Baba came to Canada from Ukraine never speaking a word of English, but she always made sure she was able to communicate with you one way or another. Her signature sign of affection was bear hugs and kisses expressing how much she loved you.

Upon arriving to Baba’s house you were greeted with the smell of fresh apple pie in the oven. Baba was an amazing baker; her love of baking pies and donuts were so appreciated but she was the master of baking Babka. Babka is a traditional Ukrainian sweet yeast bread with raisins, baked in coffee tins, often made at Easter time; Baba made it year round and it was too die for.

Baba Pearl had an amazing green thumb. Her kitchen window was always adorned with the most beautiful geraniums; she would start them out from seedlings and they would grow into beauties of red and pink blooms. Her secret; percolated coffee grounds is what made them thrive.

To this day both my Mom and I love planting geraniums which reminds us of those special visits with Baba Pearl. I still haven’t perfected the Babka but there is still hope.