Rural Roots 08: “CFCW Radio Waves”

Growing up on the farm Mom and Dad would rise very early to do their chores, but the first sound I would wake up to was the radio. It was only ever set to one station CFCW 790 am. This was my Mom’s go to station for country music, the news on the hour, the farm report at noon and don’t forget the Ukrainian hour every Sunday night between 7:00-9:00pm. It didn’t matter where Mom & Dad were on Sunday evenings they had to tune in to hear their favourite Ukrainian melodies.

CFCW also contributed to Mom & Dad’s social circle, often they would go to radio remotes, to pick up the lucky CFCW calendar with the opportunity to win prizes and enter for draws. My Dad was always lucky winning many different prizes throughout the years. My own sons grew up listening to CFCW when they spent time with Baba& Gido, and often when they were young Gido would take them out to CFCW radio remotes to enter contests.

I am very blessed to still have my parents with us my Dad is 86 & Mom is 81, they are moving slower and hard of hearing, but they still rush home on Sunday evenings to listen to the Ukrainian hour which has been their routine for over 60 years of married life. Yes you guessed it, I now listen to the same station I grew up with however a new station number now of 840 am, and I catch myself on Sunday evenings especially if I driving for real estate appointment tuning in to the Ukrainian hour.