Rural Roots 07: “Crazy Cardboard Carpet”

Back in the late 60’s we use to get a lot of snow. There were times where we couldn’t leave the farm until we could get our road plowed out. On our farm we didn’t have an abundance of trees, so when the snow did accumulate it resulted in huge snow banks which equaled an awesome playtime for me.

My sled was the cardboard crazy carpet, yes you read correctly, and it worked like a charm. I would spend hours going up and down the snow bank with my Mom and the cardboard.  My parents always tried to make the most of what they had; they always wanted me to experience things in life.  They didn’t have extra money to spend on a fancy sleds but for me that was just fine, I knew no different.  Years later I got the fancy sled with the red runners and wooden sides, but honestly, it wasn’t as fast as the cardboard crazy carpet.