Rural Roots 06: “Harvest Time”

Let’s face it, farming is a hard life. With that being said it is also one of rewards. Farmers are in constant preparation, studying the soil, deciding on the type of crop to seed and picking the fertilizers for the best protection. All of these steps equal a payday for the farmer and this is nothing more beautiful than watching your crop flourish and have a bountiful yield. I remember when my Dad and Uncles would be harvesting the lands. We would run out at lunch and supper time with home made meals to ensure everyone was fed, working well into the night sometimes racing against weather conditions. The end result was taking the grain to the elevators to get weighted, graded and anticipating that cheque for all their hard work. I always knew the pay day was a good one because there would be a celebration, let’s say with a bottle of Vodka and lots of food and treats for everyone.

The same steps of preparation are taken today, on the equipment is fancier and automation/computer programs are used for crop calculations but still lots of love and care is taken by the farmer today. If you  know a farmer thank them for their hard work. Understand the hardships they go through on a daily basis, take a look at their hands it tells the story and how they contribute to the circle of life.