Rural Roots 04: “School Bus Adventures”

I can remember the bus stopping at our farm gates on a beautiful September morning, it was the first day of school.  I was scared to leave my Mom but also excited at the same time to board this yellow machine that was going to take me off to the Andrew School. However, when I saw the bus driver I was very grateful, he was a family friend Mr. Victor who became my guardian angel for the day. I got to sit in the first seat so I could talk to him as I clung onto my Barbie lunch Kit and thermos set (which I still have till this day).

Being 6 years old and seeing the bigger kids on the bus was very intimidating. Once I got into the groove of things I figured out how this whole bus thing worked and my confidence grew. There it was the Andrew School, with the bus arriving in front of it meant stepping into a new experience. Everyone piled off the bus, heading to the main doors of the school, however Mr. Victor helped us newbies go greet the grade one teacher. I will never forget that day, filled with anxiety and adventure but also the kindness of a family friend who made my first day of school a treasured experience.