Rural Roots 03: “Home is where the heart is”

“Home is where the heart is” is a common phrase that is used all the time, what does this mean to you?

Charles Dickens says it best…..Home is a name a word it is a strong one.

Home for many can have different meanings, it could be your current home, your childhood home or the generational family farm.

This summer I had a family reunion with my cousins on my Dad’s side. The one common bond that we all shared was the memories that were made at our Baba & Gido’s farm not too far from Mundare, Alberta. Now one thing to note is the age range of my cousins run from mid 40’s to 65 so to have all of us share the same memory really resonated with me.

The house was a grand two storey with a wrapped around verandah, wood screen doors and beautiful wooden detailed scrolls on the outside of the house. Back in the 1950’s this home was considered a mansion as it was position in the middle of wheat fields, complete with granaries and barn. We all remembered the Sunday dinners where everyone gathers, the playing on the verandah and of course taking turns driving the tractor.

Our family sold the quarter off many, many years ago, but the house still stands with all its greatness today. We all secretly admitted to driving past the farm over the years and how a piece of our heart will always be there for all of us.